New Zynga.com Portal Boosts Your City

Photo by Zynga. All rights reserved.
If you play e.g. CityVille on Zynga.com instead at G+ or Facebook, you can benefit a lot.

The tip came from Sam Chi, and totally surprised me. Instead of only getting material and help from yoe Facebook-Fans, you can participate with anyone playing the same game. No registration needed. It uses your City from Facebook, if you already play.

This is good news for gamers. Since Facebook changed the view of the stream to a very complicated piece of crap, almost no one sees your game notifications anymore, even the persons that really want to help you, and need help on their own. With using the games directly from Zynga, it's much easier to get materials and help instantly if you set it that anyone can see your requests.

In addition, it's slightly faster than the Facebook-version. Nice move. Thanks Zynga.