What will we see at Google I/O 2012 ?

Lots of rumors on the Internet. Let's join in.

If you want to see pink unicorns riding on rainbows, you might get very disappointed. And with all the hype about Google I/O you might be anyway. But I expect that we see very interesting stuff to say at least.

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Sure, we will see more about the new Chromebooks and Chromboxes including a glimpse of what will come. We also will see more "offline" functionality with ChromeOS and a tighter integration with Google Drive, possibly including their own cloud storage solution much like Amazon.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
I'm pretty sure about this. At least we get an announcement when Jelly Bean rolls out. It could be however that it will be released at Google I/O. But expect 2 weeks anyway before the release is available, even if they release it now. Weird, I know.
And I'm excited to see if it will be "Jelly Bean" or "Jellybean" :). Looks like it's also pretty sure that the first phone to get Jelly Bean will be the Galaxy Nexus

Nexus tablet(s)
This is a picture i took for the Candy article.I think this is also a sure thing. We will see the Google tablet. No matter if it's called Nexus or "Unicorn Rainbow Reader" (hey, so I might be wrong :) ). That will fulfill the circle with Google's Play Store / Movies / Books / Music strategy. It will be positioned as a rival to the Kindle Fire, and will be less than 200 bucks with 7". It could be possible that we see another tablet. Rumors are that there is also a 10.1" tablet to be announced at the event.

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Nexus phone(s)
At least we will get a hint of the next phone or phones. People expect 5 Nexus devices. This might include the tablet. I guess we'll see  Nexus/Stock Android phones from HTC, Samsung, Motorola and possibly LG. I don't think any of them will be available. That's almost certain. If new Nexus devices are coming, it will take some time. There is also evidence that the Galaxy Nexus is the first phone to get Jelly Bean. This could mean either Jelly Bean will be released at the Google I/O, or that it will take some time before the new Nexus phones are available. Both would make sense.

Google Maps Update
Be prepared for a big thing. A Google Map update, or at least a big announcement, is in sight. After revealing plans to the public a few weeks ago, you can see a much deeper look. The Google Lego Maps Builder is a neat sign for the introduction of something interesting at I/O. I hope the 3D insanity will leave room for real important enhancement. I will never use the 3D map function. It's just eye candy for me.
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Larry Page
He is fine. Can we go on?

Play Movies and other media content
I expect no big announcement. But we will get an update about the situation. While Play Books recently started in Europe, Play Music and Play Movies are still missing. Unfortunately I don't see Play Music starting at I/O in Europe. But Play Movies is likely to be announced for overseas.

I'm sure there will be something that surprises me, too. At last I hope so :).
Have a nice Google I/O coverage. Where is my popcorn?