Google+ is most successful and the tech world still badmouth it

Why so much hate? Or is it just to make a story to get more clicks or readers? I really don't know. The facts are telling Google+ is the most successful social network ever, even Google say it's not only a social network.

A few weeks ago, official numbers from Facebook, Google+ and Twitter appeared. While Facebook is still far ahead with numbers of active users, Google+ is in second place with 343 million users. It outnumbers Twitter, which I think is remarkable.

That is only in 1 1/2 year roughly (June 2011), where Twitter started July 2006 and Facebook February 2004. So Google+ is the fastest growing social network ever in that period of time! I don't know what has to happen before media is stopping badmouthing Google+.

These numbers are not coming from Google, but from GlobalWebIndex. So stop being a moron denying the right of existence for G+. Stop that deep hate against Google and come up with fair stories and keep your untrue stories of ghost towns and such crap out of the public. You are about to cut the branch you're sitting on. The users. Don't think you must write bad about Google only because your computer you're a using in your hip layout/editorial office has a fruit on it.
Wind of change... wind of change.