Cory Monteith a.k.a. Finn Hudson Was Found Dead In His Hotel Room

Glee Fans and friends are shocked.
One of the main actors "Cory Monteith" was found dead in his Hotel Room of the "Fairmount Pacific Rim Hotel" in Vancouver yesterday.

At this time it's not clear what happened. It appears that he was alone in the hotel room when he died. Speculations of a drug related reason of his dead are circulating on the web, but nothing has been found until now, that proves this theory.

The autopsy is set for tomorrow, Monday July 14th.

The actor who played the famous "Finn Hudson" in the TV-Series Glee, was active in social networks, too, and gained a lot of attention on the web. Twitter has several trending topics. One of it is #ripcorymonteith

This is horrible news, and the question on how this happened will be discussed intensively.

Source: Mashable
Photo by Eva Rinaldi on Wikipedia / Creative Commons License BY-SA