Say Goodbye to Cronuts... Here are the Ryodo

Yes, I love the trending stuff. But sometimes I ask myself where is the big deal. I read something about a delicious new creation called Cronut. Something is missing. Right the open-source version :). The Ryodo!
No it's not the same. But it's as delicious as you could think. And you can totally do it on your own. Vegan or not, it's up to you.

What do you need?
  • About 1/4 cup of pudding. I like vanilla, but you can fill it with any pudding you like. I made the pudding on my own with soy milk to keep it vegan.
  • 1 sheet of puff pastry. You can buy it already made, or do the big work all on your own. I'm lazy, so I took the first option ;)
  • 1 mid-size bowl and a little shot glass to get the hole in the dough and make the things round.
  • A fryer or a Wok to fry the goods. Use enough oil. The Ryodo must swim completely in the water not touching the ground.
  • Powdered sugar.
  • Whipped cream to put on top. I used Soy whipped cream. You can also use the rest of the pudding instead.
Get the pudding ready. Vanilla or anything you like. Use the bowl and the small shot glass to make thin round layers from the puff pastry. Do not use more than 4 layers, or else the inner dough won't get fried and keep raw, while the outer layer is dark. You might try 3 Layers for best results.
Take 1 layer, put the pudding on it carefully to avoid pudding touching the outside dough. Do not use too much. Put another layer on top, press the edges together to seal the pudding inside. Repeat this with the next layer.

When you're finished, it should look like on the left photo. All pudding should be sealed inside. Then you need to heat the fryer. Use enough oil or fat so that the Ryodo is completely swimming in it, without touching the ground.

Don't use too high temperature. The lowest setting should be good to give the inner dough time to heat up.Yes it can take a while. I enjoyed frying "Buddy-style" :)

Okay, there it is. As you can see, it touched the ground of the Wok. And got burned a little. So again, make sure you put enough oil in it :) But it's okay so far.

Et voilĂ , here it is. I used soy whipped cream and powdered sugar underneath on both sides. You also could use the rest of the pudding instead. Both will be delicious. You can even use a sugar glaze at your will. Be creative.

The Ryodo recipe is open-source. You can modify it at your will. It's under the Creative Commons License BY.
Have Fun!

 Creative Commons License