Social Networks & Blogs - Interesting Little Article Series

If you can read German, you should take a look at the article series on basicthinking.de. The old master came back to write about the past, the present and the future of blogs.

However, one thing was a little distracting on the first part from Robert Basic.
Where are Google+ and other strong networks in Germany?

No mentions? Well okay, I'm really not very neutral on this, but most statistics say something different. Like Statista.com.
Statistic: Frequency of social media usage in Germany in February 2015, by social media site | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

And you could even say that social media in Germany are already dying or have peaked out. I can't fully confirm this, but there is some kind of slowing. People seem to get away with being public, doing a lot of more stuff privately or not at all.

Well, maybe the experience may vary, but one thing is for sure, there are changes in everything. Fast. But it feels like ages. When reading this first article, I was wondering, was it really in the 2000th? Wow. Yes it was. I had my blog running at the very beginning. And I'm prove that "being me, myself and I" isn't a guarantee for success :). So it never was about putting out a blog and have the whole world visiting your blog.
So it is with the current social networks. Not all can be a top influence person, or whatever the current target for the users is.

I'm excited for the next posting and I hope that the legal situation will be addressed, too. It has been greatly ignored by the blogging sphere and even by the privacy advocates. Maybe that also did help social networks where you can do much, much more than in your blog without getting into legal problems.

Let's go... I need a time machine :)