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It's not a secret anymore. Google Drive can be the perfect place for managing small and medium-sized projects[a]. Some even use it for really large groups of people. And for a reason. All tools are here right within Google Drive.
For larger projects it's a good idea to use a collaboration to-do list, which is very easy to make due to templates.
All files, including photos, drawings, documents, sheets and presentation can be held in one place, given different collaboration options to every single file.
For e.g. you only want the project manager to maintain and edit the to-do list, but everybody in the team should be able to see it. That's possible while e.g. the sheet or a document can be editable for everybody. You also can give specific persons the right to comment. So permissions like view, comment or edit can be adjusted for every single file and every single user.
The directory itself can be published to a group or individual persons. Ideas can be put in a separate note-file e.g.
Comments and remarks can be made right into every document at the specific spot where it belongs. Again, as a project manager you're totally in control in which file a specific user can write comments.
This can push creativity big time.
For this project I made up different files:
To-Do list for give the co-workers a rough idea what has to be done.
Project Managing to outline it visually, or for presentation purposes (Google Presentation)
Notes where important general info is collected
Location Reference to see which local areas the project affects if necessary
Description for giving the main outline of the project or, in this case, the main article (this!)
Customer Survey is a great feature (Google Forms) to get a glimpse even during the project, what the target audience might want.
Several image files that can be used in documents or for general purposes such as showing places and things
In addition to many project you'll need a Spreadsheet document which is really awesome on Google Drive. It heavily depends on your project though. It can be used, in combination with "Google Form" to easily capture data, or edited directly. In this case the spreadsheet contains the data from the survey, which is publically available.
Remember, depending on your project you can more files, archives, photos, spreadsheets, drawings etc. Documents made within Drive doesn't even count towards your space left.
After the work is done, you can download the complete directory for archiving.
I hope this can give you a bit of inspiration and try using Google Drive for things, we wouldn't normally think about. It is such a versatile tool. Depending on how the survey turns out, I'll show you how to use Google Drive for blogging another time.
Have fun and a successful work.
[a]Title: How to use Google Drive for managing a project
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