The Apple and Gizmodo hype pie with insane sauce

Yeah I know, some days already passed by, but I like to see how things are going before to take a rant. And you know what? It turned out to be good especially in this case.

In short what happened: Jason Chen bought an, so everyone believe now, prototype of the new iPhone from someone who claimed to found it in a bar. The poor guy who lost it is already forgotten, the one who sold it, appeared prominently on the Internet, screwed from anybody, and Jason Chen got his door rammed in and his working computer for Gizmodo seized from the police.

As it turned out Apple was the initiating force behind this. Jon Stewart from "The Daily Show" mentioned it with satire: "It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Microsoft was supposed to be the evil one, but now you guys are busting down doors in Palo Alto while Commandant Gates is ridding the world of mosquitoes.". Touché. What has happened, what is wrong? Apple has such a bad PR lately, it's like they had hired Hitler for the company "Führung". The iGestapo crap like the totally closed and dictated app-store for the hypePhone and now, the hypePad is backed up now by a task force helping the "Fuhrer" to show that Apple is almighty and can do whatever they want.
Okay I'm exaggerating... But come on, if you lose your mobile and someone sell it to anyone, this poor guy get his door slammed in and seized his computers because he wrote about it, and already gave back the good without complaining? What's wrong? And yeah, you know this is bad for Apple, because they just could have settled it with this. I'm so hoping they lose and get their butts smacked.

Worse than this however is how badly Gizmodo gets bashed now from the furious mob of Apple devotees. Yes, the site they came by every day and jerked off by reading the newest iSuck stories about their precious church. Pathetic.
Now wait, is Jason Chen an Angel with a bright white circle over his head? No, that's for sure. You don't buy such stuff, no matter what. He could have wrote about it. Hey but what would you do for a bazillion clicks in a single day? Now the discussion about blogging and journalism starts once again. It's simply journalism. Ethical journalism? No, but not less ethical than the usual stories on Fox-News. I let others join in the discussion if blogging is journalism or not.
But now what should happen? If Jason Chen is guilty as charged for this, it's a very dark moment for freedom of speech and for journalism. I think the intention behind this is to shut up everybody who wants to talk about Apple's secrets. The mobile was given back before the police said hello, so it can't be a property thing only. The greatest scandal is, that the writers computers were taken away and now examined bit by bit. Gawker Media already waved with the laws and want protection, as there are for journalists.

Let's see how things are going, but for all of us I hope Jason Chen will get out of this completely unharmed. For Apple...well enough said, iDon't buy it. Not worth a word anymore.