Geohash Droid Picture Problem

Geohash Droid is a great app for Android devices. You can look for the Geohash point and navigate directly to it. If you arrive, you can make an entry directly on the official Geohashing site. Enter your story for the trip and upload photos.

Yeah, but there is a little thing. If you make a photo, you can't see it on the selction of Geohash Droid (at last on some G1 / Android 1.6). Even SDrescan did not help. If this happens to you, there is a solution.
Go to the Gallery app, then select Camera pictures. If you now go back to Geohash Droid, you will see your photos ready to upload.

Why is this? Geohash Droid seems to pull the thumbs. To get the thumbs created you need to go to the Gallery app. Thanks for the developer for pointing this out.
Now I can rock on Geohashing and easily log and proof :)

What you don't know Geohashing? NO WAY! Look at the official site. It's fun!