Paper.li makes a newspaper out of your Twitter account

There are some real good tools for Twitter and almost anything you can imagine. But sometimes, e.g. in the morning you just want to see a quick oversight of the most important topics of your personal Twitter account. You think I'm crazy? Nope... here is Paper.li.

It's a neat tool, that makes a newspaper out of your account with the contributions of the people you're following. The newspaper is  updated every 24hrs. I'm impressed by the result. Even in this alpha stadium it's usable and I'm wondering what algorithm is use. I guess it looks on the topics you tweet and based on that basis, it looks for the stuff of your followers. But that's only a guess from me.
However the results are quite good and shows things that I like to read about. Amazing and you'll wonder how interesting a twitter-feed can be. It will not show simply the tweets, but the excerpts of the linked websites, photos and videos. Yeah right, there are also videos embedded.
Another great feature is that you can just click the contributor and reply, retweet, unfollow or block it (see screenshot). So if you see bogus posts from someone and wonder why you follow them anyway, just click unfollow. And if you want to share an important topic, you can retweet it right away. You can even read a newspaper of other people, and see the world from their view. Also very nice.

I will use this every morning, and can't wait to see further improvements.
Visit my "edition" of the paper.li newspaper to get a glimpse.