Operation Payback

Richard M. Stallman shows a way to resist:

Operation Payback: "1 October 2010 (Operation Payback)
ACS:law made thousands of people hate by running a 'legal blackmail' business.
The company may face huge fines for publishing (probably accidentally) personal information
about hundreds of its victims. With luck, this may dissuade other companies from following in its path. But as long as publishers control governments enough to procure more laws to punish P2P users, no one will be safe.
Governments want citizens to put passwords on their wireless nets so as to act as enforcers in the War on Sharing. One way to resist the war is to leave your wifi net without a password.

I wouldn't dare to do this in every country. Some of them makes you responsible for anything what goes over your wifi. No matter if it's you or not. Think this is not democratic? Right, so write your local government.