The WeTab-Disaster

Photo by RudeCactus.com / Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA

Well it could've been a good tablet. I was all for it. But then something odd happened. They announced MeeGo as the OS, and I knew this would be a fail. But let's take a look back in time.

When it first was announced the word "Android" was all over it. Yeah it would run Android apps. The press-conference held, was showing a slideshow that ran under Windows, as some found out very soon, and called it a fake presentation. Then slowly, it was made more clearly that it will be GNU/Linux on it and not Android. Everyone was thinking of a special Ubuntu-version, which would have been great. But it was another Linux-OS they chose. Then short before the selling date, they decided to go with MeeGo, in which Nokia and Oracle is involved.
After the launch, it was very clear that it was a disaster. The OS not perfectly finished for prime-time it hits the stores, and the buyers went berserk. No Android-Emulation at all at the start, flaws and bugs, and no content. The features will be available via an update, soon. This is the worst? No it isn't.
Today heise online reports, that one of the CEOs and his wife have written fake recessions on Amazon.
And that he leaves the management for now.

Well, I'm so glad I cancelled my pre-order as soon as I heard there will be MeeGo on it. And my instict didn't fool me. Personally, I consider this tablet dead.