Another Twitter App Gets Smacked And What's About Twitterfeed?

Twitter Inc headquartersImage via Wikipedia. Twitter HQIt looks like Twitter means it. After shutting down UberTwitter/Twidroyd, the slammed the next app called TwapperKeeper. The question is, what about Twitterfeed?

One of the problems on the UberTwitter disaster, was a trademark infringement. So I'm wondering about how long Twitterfeed, one of the most used services to feed stuff into Twitter, will be around. I think it would be a good time now, to rename the service, until it gets shut down by Twitter, too. That would result in a big chaos for many users who rely on the features.
I think it's a shame what Twitter is doing. They treat the people that made them big, like used oil. Unwanted anymore. But nonetheless, companies like Twitterfeed and everthing with Twitter or tweet in name should act now. Not only rename their services, but learn for the future and looking for alternatives.
No, that's not facebook. There is still identi.ca, and an interesting new service called "Diaspora". They all would love to welcome you on board.

I know it's hard, and everyone wants to be where the masses are. But you could do a step in that direction without losing Twitter. Build up another anchor of security, and you might be able to not completely surrender if a single company isn't your friend anymore.