The Julian Assange Of A Previous Time

The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ells...Image by Steve Rhodes via FlickrDaniel Ellsberg first gave parts of the so-called "Pentagon Papers" to the Public 40 years ago. And now, after this long time, the full version is released.

Again you can read interesting things. Nothing really new. But the Cables of Wikileaks weren't really know, too. The world knew it all, or at least, believed it. The same with this old papers. But it's weird to read it, to have the fears confirmed. And it makes you think, not to trust any government.

In the past, the court strengthened the press, while the government wanted to put pressure on the media. It's the duty of any journalist to reveal the truth of such important things. It's a shame that something like Wikileaks must exist at all. The free press should have been enough. But if they don't do their work, others must do it. Maybe this is another milestone on the street to the "new media", where old, slow and possibly controlled news organizations are no longer needed. Or it just will take a while, before they are just as slow and under pressure than the big ones, today.