My Usual Rant About Apple After WWDC

one rotten appleImage by alison e dunn via FlickrYou might get used to it, but here it is.

Again, it's fascinating how people think that iOS5 and it's "new" features are an innovation, when other systems like Android, are having this features from the beginning, or a long time. It's unbelievable. Only few postings saying that 8 from 10 features are "stolen" by Apple. (Thanks to Min-Ju Sohn for the link)
In fact, I think stolen is too harsh. Its evolution. I'm glad Apple are taking functions from others to their own product to improve it. It should be vice versa. What really bugs me is that annoying arrogance of the so-called fanboys.
It's amazing. As soon as one buys an Apple product, the world around changing. Now they are thinking to be "Elite". And it's a tough step to realize, you're not! They don't want to see that it's a normal company, and their products are just products. The devil, call it WP7 or Android or Blackberry, is always the other one and Apple is the holy knight that free you from all...

Sorry, it's not. It's just an ordinary company, with ordinary products, and you need to realize that for some cases, other products are much better. Don't be stupid to think your point of view is the only valid. Leave room for others. The Apple-Fans are the worst kind of people I've ever known. I should know, I used to be one of them...