The #Geocaching weekend January 15,2012

Our short geocaching weekend was really fun, like always.

On Saturday laguna.sam and I went for a nice multi in the woods.
Some problems at the beginning, but we made up for the search and found Stage 1 soon. We took the Almanac with the jewels and off we go.
Thanks to the trail, despite the cold weather, we were warm enough from the walking.
At the final, we guessed the wrong place, first. But after a little search, wildcat sensors =(^_^)= gave alarm :). So empty... I decided to leave a Geokret there.

On Sunday, laguna.sam and our important guest geocacher went to a "Three Investigators" Cache. After we strengthened us with food, we made a little Traditional before the first stage. We had no coffee, but malt beer and water. :).First stage found quickly. We wished there would have been some hot coffee inside. One nice stage after another we solved bravely. As I looked for the place for the gun, I found the dead body :). Brilliant!

From one crime spot to the other, we hunted the criminals down, and at last, we found the final. On the way back, we made another little Traditional with a twist. The container was found quickly, but then... how can we open it? After some time and Android-magic, we managed it.
Although we wanted to make the "Three Investigators" and the last Traditional in daylight, it turned into a night geocache.

The real night geocache we did want to make this evening, was a nice witch cache.
Here we went into the forest...
Eyes in the night, spiders in the tree,
spooky things in sight, will we pay the fee?
We had to examine every stage carefully. Our guest cacher spotted the stage 4, which I totally missed. That was the stage we searched the longest. Then we went along. At the final we first were on the wrong track. We examined the object there extensively. Nothing. But after some search around, there it was.
At the burning ash we looked around,
is there nothing to be found?
There beside there's something slithery,
we put the creature out of it's misery.
Another great geocaching weekend. Fun, fun, fun and laughter all along.

The night belongs to geocachers,
like the wind belongs to the sea.
Without the forest there are no treasures,
without the wind there is no flee.

Please, if you recognize this geocache, don't bring the GC-No. or name in connection with this post. Let people have there own suprise. Thank you and happy geocaching!