Wikipedia against SOPA and PIPA

When I first heard about SOPA, I thought "What? A new word for soap opera?".  But it wasn't. It was a new word for censorship.

Note: Not a live banner. It's just a screenshot from en.wikipedia.org

Wikipedia is one of the major sites that will shut down on January 18, 2012 in protest against SOPA. And not only that. While politicians almost completely gave up on SOPA, the content industry doesn't care much about the people and their will. They keep trying to establish key elements of SOPA through another word for censorship: PIPA. The so-called "Protect IP-Act", is another smoke grenade that should leave people in the virtual fog, without seeing the road ahead.

It's urgent to keep the defenses up. It's not over now. That's why some sites will still have a blackout tomorrow. Despite the late retreat from the government. The content greed necks haven't by now.