Megaupload Shut Down. Freedom Under Attack. Anonymous Fires Back

You probably read it. Megaupload is no more reachable via it's domain. FBI made themselves a servant to the RIAA and shut down the popular filehosting and cloud service site.
Anonymous fired back for freedom, and brought down government sites, FBI and RIAA/Universal.

FBI Badge & gun.
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While some see this as the World Web War, I think, that it hasn't even started yet.
When the lights go off, and the Wall Street crashes (at last without their own fault), then you know it has begun.
I'm sure the fighters for freedom have not even started to use their full potential. make no mistake, if there will be a cyberwar, the governments will NOT win it. Politicians with no clue what the net is, old tech against high-tech fortresses, cyber forces without a command chain. I'm not complaining. As long as freedom can see a chance to win against the scum that wants to take the internet down, I think personally, it's a good thing. It's the resistance of the 21st century.

And for all that, only one song comes to my mind these days again.
It's in German, but you will get the idea for sure :)

Have fun with this song. It's under a creative commons license by Sid der Liedermacher

Get the lyrics. Download the song legally: http://soundcloud.com/sid
No bloodsuckers involved. Real Art.