Munzee Scavenger Hunt

Today I made my first Munzee tour.
Munzee is basically a hunt for QR-Code marks. It can be everywhere. It can be just a sticker anywhere, or hidden in a container. It's like Geocaching in the end.

You can deploy or find a Munzee at munzee.com. The word comes from the German word "Münze" and got a little more catchy sound with the additional e at the end. You need to have an Android or iPhone to scan the QR-Codes with the available software.
You really can make this a quick hunt. Find, scan, done.

Overall it all depends on the one that deploy, that means lay out, the Munzees. This quick find mentality can also be a problem. A sticker somewhere is not exactly tempting if you come from Geocaching with many breathtaking ideas, and wonderful hides and containers. But you could also lay out a Munzee with a nice box, or in 20m high trees (don't let your phone drop:) ).

You also can put a Munzee in a Geocache. But stick it to the container, so no one will mistake this as a trackable. But there are some things you need to know if you do this.
The coordinate of a Munzee is public on the web. Everyone can see it. So don't put it in a Multicache-Final or a well hidden Mystery Cache. You can however, stick a Munzee at at Multi-Cache stage for special bonus. In this case, everyone can find it without disturbing the Geocache hunt or Munzee search, even if they are not participating in one or another.

I recorded my conclusion at the end of my little tour on video:

So short good and bad


  • quick hides/finds with QR-Codes
  • addicting point-system
  • self-printing of the QR-Codes possible
  • perfect for places where no container can be laid out
  • replacement for some Nanocaches
  • you need an iPhone or Android
  • tempting to put a Munzee everywhere. Quality please.
  • coordinates openly on the web (watch your Geocaches)
I think I will do this while geocaching. Or is it geocaching, too?