Asus Raised The Price For Webstorage drastically

Asus Webstorage. Unlimited space, for about $9 for 3 month? Yes that was an offer. Now everything is gone, making it another expensive and very limited cloud storage.

The leftover of a former outstanding cloud storage

Out of nothing, Asus cut the AsusWebstorage down. Now offering 50GB $49.99/year and 500GB $99.99/year. Limitations are going even further. Max file upload size is 1GB/2GB instead of max. 4GB,  which renders the service useless for some backup functionality, and 10GB/20GB limit for file sharing (don't care much about this one). Backup (snort) is now limited to 1/2 computers, before it was a max. of 5 computers.
This is quite a downturn, and now nothing is left to be special against the competition. Such a raise in price and cut of features is very uncommon.

Does Asus know something about what the Google Drive is going to cost and justified their own prices? Or is Asus losing it? Because one thing is sure, if Google Drive comes out with a proce like they charge now for Docs Storage, Asus Webstorage and some others are out of business.

[via AsusWebstorage]