New Google Bar In Google+ And Gmail

Today I saw the new Google bar in Google+ and Gmail. You know, I want the grey one with the drop-down menu back.

The new bar has a consistent black row on top of the screen and then a non-consistent part within the page. I can't understand this design-wise. It's not clear and looks different on almost any page. On Google+ it's a balck bar with a grey bar below, in Gmail it's a black bar with a little transparent field on the upper right side of the page when using themes or a short grey bar in the original theme, and in Google search it has something like in G+ without the gray bar.

New bar on Google+

New bar on Gmail

So basically, it's always different depending on your settings and service.
However, not all services does have the new one by now. Picasa still has the new old black bar and YouTube has no bar at all.
That's when you listen to every naysayer on the net. Maybe it's best to give the user options to select which type they want. I'm not happy with this one at all.