The Super Bowl XLVI Thriller

Yes, I was at a Super Bowl XLVI Party hours before the historic game began. The mood was very good, party all over the place, good food (yes, even for vegans), root beer fun and a local football team introduced themselves. All in all it was a well organized party. But it was nothing to the breathtaking game.

I saw a lot of Super Bowl games and I watched the big classics over and over again. And this was one of the most exciting Super Bowl game ever.
The New England Patriots had a brilliant season. The New York Giants started their engines right off before the playoffs.  To be honest, both team deserved to win the game before it even started. I tended to give the NE Patriots more of a chance.

But then the start. 2 points given away from Tom Brady for a safety for intentional grounding. The defense of the Giants played a great game. From the first minute until literally to the last second, they were focused and putting big pressure on.
The offense of the Patriots went on and took the lead for quite some time.
Halftime. Madonna did a great show, but everyone was eager to see the game continuing.  Then Eli Manning showed his great performance that night. He made the right decisions. Everytime. Again and again. Throwing great passes and controlling the game. The Giants receivers did a tremendous job, the RB's went berserk. New England however did a great job on their own. They gave nothing away.

Then the last minute began. New York scored a touchdown, which some said they let him through to get the ball in time for a counterattack. Whatever, Brady got the ball back with less slightly than 1 minute left. He tried hard. The pressure was extremely high and Tom Brady couldn't keep the calmness of Eli Manning and the New York Giants defense. Focused they defended extraordinarily and Brady didn't find the right decisions to outplay them. At last the Hail Mary pass was inevitable. A pass that could have brought the bowl to New England, He threw, but again the defense of the New York Giants did an awesome job and the game was over.

New York Giants 21 - 17 New England Patriots

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 05:  Eli Manning #...
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What a game. This folks, will be in the historic books of football forever. The fans of both teams had excitement from the beginning till the end. There were two winners yesterday! One won the game, too.