Docs Storage Raised 5GB For Free. Google Drive Coming?

Now we are talking. After some reports on Google+, I checked my Google Docs Storage and indeed it has been increased by 5GB for free.

This adds to the existing plan. I had a 20GB plan already. Now it's been raised to 25GB for Docs. The internet is a wild place and now speculations are all over that the Gdrive, or Google Drive, will start very soon. Some say even today on Tuesday.
It may indicate that there is something going on. Let's pray to the lords of Kobol, that Google isn't thinking about to just add more storage to docs storage and call that a "drive". We need sync and a fricking drive icon on our desktops (LINUX!) to get use out of it.
Box.com has it. Do you hear, Google? :)
[Via Google+]