Firefox On Linux For Watching Google Play Movies Rents

I contacted the Google Play Movies team after renting a movie and couldn't watch on Peppermint OS 3 (Ubuntu 12.04) even after installing HAL module. It only shows a black screen.

Google responded to me in a nice and polite email, telling me they are aware of the problems with Chrome in Ubuntu on that issue (DRM-protected Videos) and I should try using Firefox for that.

Cool answer. However, I prefer Chrome. But I'm installing Firefox now, just to watch Google Play Movies. I hope it works. I 'll keep you updated on this, right here.

Update 03/16/2013 15:08 GMT: Indeed it worked. Installing the HAL module was enough for Firefox to play the rental movies from Google Play Movies. Google should work to fix this. Strange to use another browser and the own product can not be used for their store.
But for now I'm happy with that "workaround". Buying...