Google Needs To Go All In With Babble

I'm so excited about it, that I have to make an announcement.
I will follow closely when Google officially present it to the public. I'm ready to write some articles about it. But I'm going to be very selective about it. And here is why.

Google waited very long to start uniting their many messaging and chat services. People will get mad again, if they have the feeling to lose something, especially after that exaggerated news about the Reader shut down. And there are already tons of messaging services around. Let's see if Google can convince people to switch from other messengers like WhatsApp and Skype to the "new" service.
Of course, the unification is the only correct step, no matter what. GTalk, Messenger, Hangout, even a separate chat in Google Drive, this is too much for people to take track of. However, if one uses a particular service at the extend, they won't be very happy to see changes. That means the unification must be uber-awesome. A poor implementation, or a weak start with missing at least a killer-feature would be futile.

Last example was Google Keep, which is fine, but misses some features like "Due Date" or reminder for tasks. Drive support will follow soon. This may not happen with Babble, or I can't see a Google messaging service will go anywhere beyond where it is now.
Being good just isn't enough for people to get through all the hassle, convincing their friends to use that service over another they are already using.

Having said this, I can't wait for the start of Google Babble. At the moment we know not much more than speculations and rumors. At Google I/O in May, I'm pretty sure we are going to get a lot more information.

Oh and... wouldn't it be great to have this combined with Gmail? I mean the threaded conversations could just pull the chat messages with in. GTalk made a beginning for that. Hey, I may have my dreams, right? :)

Update 31/03/2013: Actually, it's called "Babel" not Babble. Someone spread the wrong name on the Internet. Babel sound more professionell, but may raise some questions... And hopefully this is not a too early April fool.