Technical Evolution Is The New Evolution

Eric Schmidt is talking about an "forced upgrade" to society. I think it's not a forced, but a natural upgrade. And it's inevitable.

Karl Benz
Karl Benz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It's not only about new gadgets. New technology, or better new incarnations of technology are changing the world faster than ever. For million of years, new techniques brought us where we are now.
Imaging today without cars or transportation. Without electricity or communication systems. You might say that all these discoveries where inevitable. If Karl Benz wouldn't have started with cars, someone else would have done it. If Tesla and Edison wouldn't have brought electricity to the masses and made it commercial usable, someone other would have done it. Later probably, but for sure.

So what is the deal? Any of these discoveries were attacked by many. They said, it's a waste  of time, it's way too dangerous. Nobody is going to use it. Yeah, right. We hear it all day. Same with cellphones and smartphones. Who will make a phone call underway? Do you want to play James Bond? And no one will use the Internet mobile. We hav Internet at home, right? Wrong!
Our biggest fears will come true some day. My often proposed melting of real and virtual networks. Brain-implants making a huge leap. The connection of our brain to virtual networks is not far away. Devices extending our external sensors are already been used or on the way to mass-market.

English: Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of G...
English: Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google Inc., at the press conference about the e-G8 forum during the 37th G8 summit in Deauville, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The technical evolution is going further. It's not that we choose to do so, it's a natural way of things are going. An extension of the real evolution. Maybe the only way to survive in the future. With a growing number of people we need this progression to maintain the structures people are living in. With old methods of food growing e.g. you couldn't feed us anymore. We are depending on technology for hundreds, even thousand of years.
And the same is valid for communications-technology now. Like the Internet or computer as a whole. Thanks to that, we can do things, that wasn't possible a few decades ago. And it will go on. Later generations will be able to do things you have never dreamed of. But not for fun in the end, but for surviving.

We should welcome new tech, not condemn or slow them. We need to go faster, not slower. But what you can't do is stop technology. We've learned that. Everything that is possible will be possible. It's just a matter of time. I want to stay neutral on products from companies. So I don't want to mention a special product as an example. But in the coming years we have some new exciting stuff coming to the markets. More is already waiting in line for the day people are "ready" to use it. I hope they'll better be ready, soon. Because evolution isn't waiting for you.

Carl Sagan said in "Cosmos" we need to evolve quickly, so that one day, we can leave our earth, and find another home, well knowing that the earth will not last forever.