Macaca nigra may have lost, public wins

Because the whining of the owner of the equipment continues.
While PETA lost the case to claim the copyright to the cute monkey (because he took the selfie on its own), the copyright remains now in the public domain and not in the owner of the camera. That was decided before this case.
I think this is better for everyone. And, well, you can't make money with the work of others, dear photographer.

By Self-portrait by the depicted Macaca nigra female. See article. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

While the camera owner seems to think differently, it most countries around the world, the photographer is the owner. In that case, the monkey. But because non-human animals (strange term) can not hold a copyright in most regions, the copyright falls to the general public.
Public 1 : 0 content money streams.

And I think the photo is hilarious :)