WISO report about Google is ridiculous

I just saw the WISO "documentation" on +ZDF and was shocked about the level of hate and ignorance.

40 minutes of Google-bashing where someone whines about not being on the first page of the Google search. Investments in the +Humboldt-Institut for a science project are called bad and science no longer independent. Well, isn't that how science projects are funded?
A few minutes later, even the positive words about the virtual museum of the "Deutsches Museum" Manfred Heckl, are wiped away by a dismissive speculation of a philosopher about how long Google may be around. And all the millions of old books that was scanned disappearing.
So is it bad to digitize those books from a most advanced tech company, or should a small European company do the job, that might vanish in 2 years because EU funding is cancelled?

A German newspaper keeps on bashing and works together with Google. So to say. No word about German publishers did lobbying for the greatest hindering of free speech in 2014/2015: The Leistungsschutzrecht. Where publishers wants money from Google because they bring them readers. Yes, don't search for logic here.

Pure hate, when the sheer ability to push the human race forward, is being presented as a bad thing, as mentioned several times in that flick. It looks like if you are the best, you will die like the rest in Europe. Unbelievable. How can it be a bad thing if Google does things for humanity that others can't?

Because it's not a European company? Because it's not wanted in anti-tech land Germany to push the limits to new boundaries? Or just because the old media is panicking because they slowly get replaced by thew new media where people actually really can move something?

Proudly WISO reports that all Europeans now have a right to be forgotten. To me this sounds very bad. You can not learn by forgetting. And as if Google had that data. People have the data, but Google are not allowed to find this data for you. Insanity. Europe kills the messenger.
This "documentation" is biased and, while not lying, it twist around everything until it looks very bad and evil.
"Google is dangerous" you'll hear at the end, and "It can not be that a single Company have this de facto monopoly" accompanied by a tune from "The Matrix" in the background. In a way that even the positive words from 2 people that thinks Google has simply the best search results and one entrepreneur that made millions using Google, sound bad and depressing.

This thing doesn't help Europe or Germany. It only helps old media and the ZDF by serving the anti-tech hysteria in Europe, mainly produced by the media and irresponsible politicians that obviously don't understand that Europe will be send back to stone age in a digital world, if they try to stop science, progression and technological evolution.